A Letter To The Comrade: Get Rid Of The Gangsters Now!

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Dear Comrade,

Recent news reports suggest that there could well be some gangsters in your government. If this is indeed so, you must get rid of them now. The stories are deeply disturbing so you need to act now!

Comrade, the country is facing some crises the likes of which we have never witnessed in our life time. There is the COVID-19 pandemic; the eruption of La Soufriere and the crippling social and economic fallout therefrom. As you offer sterling leadership in these times, it appears as if some around you are hell-bent on metaphorically beating you in the knees. They could only wish to see your political demise.

By now, you know that I write of the incident in which Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon Senator Ashelle Morgan, and Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Mr Karim Nelson are allegedly involved. One is accused of physically assaulting Cornelius John and shooting him in the foot. The other is accused of threatening Mr John with a gun to his head!

Comrade, these allegations are as serious as they could get. I am sure that the particulars have been reported to you. So, I do not have to bore you with the details as reported in the media. I simply urge you to do the right thing.

Contrary to what you have publicly suggested, the alleged conduct of Senator Morgan and Assistant DPP Nelson is not a matter of partisan politics. Right-thinking people see it for what it is. It is an alleged criminal act perpetrated by two people who should know better. Try as you may to invoke party politics, you will not succeed.

Further, stop the interference and let justice take its course as swiftly and as fairly as possible. To be sure, your public comments to date have done nothing to help the situation. Do the right thing. Advise Senator Morgan and Mr. Nelson to step aside as you demand a thorough investigation. In the meantime, Comrade, keep your mouth shut and let justice prevail.


Junia A. Myers

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Comments (2)

  1. Dear all.
    People wake up and smell the coffee st.vincent is a lawless state I knew that from the time I entered my homeland after growing abroad. The men there is the worst in the world the women will do anything for money including prostitution, they are a seriously cunning and dangerous people the majority of them God help the children they are doomed living there around those scupperlous people. My point is the politicians have always being the leaders and teachers of such lawlessness so nothing will never change and believe me before the coronavirus came along I use to visit st.vincent and the grenadines every year and has experienced this lawlessness even at the hands of the past speaker of the house Jomo Thomas who used his powers in a similar way and I have the proof to show anyone who doubts me.
    These enemy of the state should be careful because the may have power on earth but there is a bigger and better boss above them with mightier power who will bring them to there knees very soon.
    Because st.vincent do not need there evil and wickedness to teach the future generations to form a better st.vincent and also the grenadines but the good leaders who follow the law of the land.

    1. JB or whoever u call yourself why are u so dumb are unit a Vincentian by birth just because u went away doesn’t make u any more than a Vincentian u behave as if u r better than your own ,lots of us went away too and does not behave like high top fashion when we are not even lower budget ,
      Get over yourself how dare u talk of the men and women of our country in that manner
      Only shows who u really are u believe because u might be overseas if there is any truth to that that overseas is more better than us not at all and I can tell u that from lots of experiences so stop with this your nonsense and get a grip of yourself cause u r only bringing yourself to the lowest of the lowest .