REDROOT SVG INC Helping Displaced Vincentians

Redroot St. Vincent and the Grenadines Incorporated (Redroot SVG Inc.) has taken up the mantle in providing food, clothing, water, and emotional support to persons who have been displaced and living in private shelters or affected in some way by the La Soufriere volcano explosive eruptions.

As a non-governmental organization that is geared toward supporting empowering and healing children, adolescents and young women since its commencement, it has conducted training and given food baskets and stipend for at-risk persons. We see it as our mandate to step up and serve our people. On Friday 9th April members of Redroot SVG emptied their shelves and gathered food and clothing to take to the shelters.

We packaged out bags with food and clothing and other necessities and distributed them to the persons living in private shelters who contacted us.
This happened for a few days. The word then got around that Redroot SVG was responding and assisting, therefore, our request got larger. We created a form that persons can fill out online with their names, identification card numbers, location, where they were evacuated from, how many persons living in the home and what they are requesting.

This has helped us to assist over 460 homes in over two weeks. Persons who do not meet the criteria have also been seeking assistance. We understand that the entire country is affected at this time and we try our best to accommodate but will give top priority to the persons who have evacuated from the red zone.

Our list is growing each day and Redroot SVG and is opened for persons and organizations who wish to donate great or small. We need mattresses, foodstuff, water, toiletries, or however, you can contribute at this time.

RedrootSVG Inc wishes to extend a hearty thank you to the persons who have been donating to us financially, with goods, and through volunteerism. We thank you for the support great or small.

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