Opposition Leader Calls For Thorough Investigation Into Allegations Against Gov’t Senator

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Leader of St Vincent’s main Opposition party Dr Godwin Friday has called for a full investigation into allegations levelled against Government Senator Ashelle Morgan.

Cornelius John of Diamond has accused Senator Morgan of threatening to shoot him in the mouth following an incident he alleges occurred at his residence on April 13th.

Dr Friday stated on Monday afternoon that the party’s position is for a thorough and transparent investigation.

“With public figures, we would want to make sure the investigation is done in a very transparent way because the optics are critical in this case”.

Friday says the allegations are serious and like any investigation, it will have to be determined if there is any basis for such.

“Am urging the authorities to do this, and where appropriate action is needed, it must be taken, concerning the facts as they are determined”.

The Opposition leader said from what he has seen reported in the newspapers, The Commissioner of Police has said that an investigation is ongoing.

Last week Commissioner of Police told another media house that the matter is under investigation and involves Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Karim Nelson, Senator Ashelle Morgan, Cornelius John and another man he did not identify.

Friday said once the investigation is conducted and there is any solid evidence; then action has to be taken; the persons involved will be urged to step aside.

Cornelius John told News784 last week that three individuals, two men and one woman came to his home uninvited on April 13th.

He said one of the men psychically abused him and shot him in the leg while the lone woman allegedly threatened to shoot him in the mouth if he called her name.

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  1. I am just tired of government officers caught in the wrong, bring transferred. It is like nobody takes responsibility and are held accountable for their actions in SVG- unless you are poor without connections!