Orange zone can now be reoccupied

Volcano Seismologist Roderick Stewart says that activity at the La Soufriere volcano remains quiet. There have only been a few small earthquakes. But there have been no signs of increased activity, reactivation or pressurization.

Stewart mentioned that at this stage, residents of the orange zone can begin to reoccupy villages within this zone, but warned that the red zone remains extremely dangerous and should only be accessed for official purposes sanctioned by the government.

He said the team would need to get a good look at the crater in order to ascertain exactly what’s happening. Due to this, he says that he is not ready to say that the volcano has gone back to sleep yet.

However, he noted that the volcano is in a more quiet stage than it was prior to the explosions.

Stewart said that as a result of the destruction of the monitoring station at the summit, the team is currently unable to compare activity prior to the explosions, to the volcano’s current activity.

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Comments (3)

  1. While it sounds good to hear that people in the Orange Zone can begin to reoccupy their homes, I question the wisdom of this. Has the ash been sufficiently cleaned for people to live comfortably in the Orange Zone? Was Rod Stewart pressured to say that the Orange Zone is now ready for reoccupation? Not being sure yet that the volcano is going back to sleep, is it really wise for people to go back home in the Orange Zone? Are ALL areas in the Orange Zone truly safe from being seriously affected by lahars/mudflows? This matter of people being urged to return home in the Orange Zone seems unwise at this time. It doesn’t seem to be well thought out at all. Perhaps it is done to have less mouths to feed in the Shelters rather than genuine concerns for the safety of our people.

  2. I am encouraging all who belong to the Orange Zone to check the information in the following link before heading back to your homes:

    Clearly, the volcano is still in a state of unrest as stated by volcanologist Roderick Stewart. The amount of sulphur dioxide emitted by La Soufriere EACH DAY is well above the level of a normal volcano. La Soufriere is still DANGEROUS! No wonder we remain on RED Alert even though tremors are low. As Stewart said, things can change rapidly for the worse at short notice. The PM should allow at least another two months before asking people in the Orange Zone to return home.

  3. Why does there always have to be negative speculations. On the windward side the area is almost clean. Intact very few people evacuated from the orange zone. I move from the red zone to and orange zone. And lots of persons are still living in the red zone. My opinion is all of who are posting negative comments probably live in town and have no idea what’s going on up here. Or in a shelter and are enjoying the easy life or are members of the opposition and are just are just opposing just because you could. The orange zone has been cleared a Long time just not officially.