No Seizing Of Items By Customs In St Vincent

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says he does not want the citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines to get frustrated due to the current process at the port.

He said despite what some media have been reporting, no one is seizing or confiscating imported items.

If you bring in things like corned beef, tuna, sardine and sausages, I don’t want you to say that the Customs is seizing them because that is not so, Gonsalves stated.

“What is happening is that the veterinary division, Animal Health, Public Health, they requesting clearly, as part of the law that you fill out the requisite form which deals which health matters because they’re interested to know where these items originate”.

“They have to look at the expiry date and if any suspicions arise they may have to test”.

More importantly, Gonsalves says customs must be able to trace.

“If there is any consumption which creates difficulties customs must be able to identify so that Public Health and Animal Health can deal with the issue in a very scientific manner”.

Gonsalves said despite the current situation, Government must ensure that the fundamental laws of the land, those relating to health, and everything is followed.

“It may be frustrating sometimes to someone who has to import these things, but the supermarket’s know that as a matter of procedure, they have to do these health checks”.

Gonsalves has long opined to send cash for relatives instead of small food items.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is still on red alert as La Soufriere continues to be in a state of unrest.

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Comments (7)

  1. Mr editor l don’t even understand Y you entertain the prime Minister and his unfounded comments. That public health act is more for business. The items that he spoke about that people are getting is for personal use .Every time the government agencies do something wrong he always uses laws that is not relevant to support stupidly. In this case he should look into people’s complaints investigate and then do what is necessary.

  2. He loosing to much when you send home goods, the cash will generate more VAT for the country than a barrel at the customs. He should be worrying more about the fair and evenly distribution of supplies to everyone in need, or must i say set up proper groups to deal with the distribution of the supplies they are getting in. Did they call a meeting with the opposition to work together to help solve and meet the need of the people affected. This is what Democracy is about. Mr. Pm you know your bible and am sure you remembered what Moses father in law said to him about being a one man judge, eventually it will burn you out.

  3. The only reason the government taking the goods is to pressure vincentions into sending cash so Ralph can tax moneygram, western union and vincentions spend that money for groceries,,is as simple as that,,I don’t mind his plan because the country need finance,but don’t force people to comply by ceasing their goods at the customs under false pretenses about expired dates, frustrating poor people in these trying times,, wicked!

  4. There is a difference between the supermarkets importing canned goods and my family sending a box with some canned stuff to share with other family members here. I have been advised that canned items are taken from private boxes and barrels.
    I do not think animal health should be taking things from the poor man’s barrels and boxes because they are the ones who will suffer most not the Merchants. That’s my two cents.

  5. My Vincy people don’t be angry and frustrated for too long. For it is written “I will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee”. I send you Jesus who will soon Vindicate you and punish those wicked oppressors that’s causing you to suffer.

  6. S. Smith, in case you do not know, Ralph came back to SVG in the mid to late 1970s as an atheist. That is why, according to him, he has been struggling in the “political Wilderness” for 33 years.

    It wasn’t until he realized that the vast majority of Vincentians rejected him as a political leader because he was known as an atheist, that he started showing some semblance of Christianity by quoting scriptures in his political speeches during his campaigns to give the impression that he believes in God.

    At the end of his programs as opposition leader of his party in the 1990s, he would end by saying “and may God bless you” (and may God bless you) very fast without any meaningful conviction. That’s how he began to soften the hearts of Vincentians so that they would accept him.

    On one tv program, he even called Vincent Beach a “Political Cocobay”. And later years after joining up with the old labor in order to win the elections against the NDP, he out-smarted Vincent Beach by taking Beache’s Constituency and sending Beach to South Windward.

    Ralph knows the bible, but it is just an amazing book of history to him. And he uses it to his advantage. Ralph is just another Napoleon Bonaparte who professed to be a Christian in order to be accepted. As the old saying goes…’ when you can’t beat them, join them’.

  7. I was born in St. Vincent but left I left a long time (+ 50years) ago. As I read the comments, it sounds as if you all are giving the prime minister a beating. He may have returned to St Vincent as an atheist in the 70’s but don’t you think that time could have sat him down and taught him a solid lesson? As we look through the days of our past we should be able to discern more than a couple of sins/errors/mistakes that we ourselves made, because our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked as Jeremiah has been shouting down the corridors of time. I pray that we may seek to number our days and make things right with God in Christ before He meets us with something that will last much longer than any stratovolcano. God alone is the judge of the intents of our hearts, so unless the pm states something emphatically, one could be overreaching to declare the intentions of his heart. Bless you!