When People Think They Have Some Power They Become Embolden-Baptiste

Kay Bacchus – Baptiste, Lawyer for Cornelius John, a 62yro of Diamond block maker of Diamonds who was shot in the leg and threatened, says she is very perturbed that the police have done nothing in an incident which took place since April 13th.

Government Senator Accused of Threatening To Shoot Man 

Bacchus Baptiste speaking on hot97 said the police had not apprehended these individuals for what happened at Mr John’s property.

“Criminal trespass, assault causing actual bodily harm, malicious wounding, attempted murder and when people act like that they are acting in consort”, Bacchus Baptiste said.

“That is joint enterprise; it means it does not matter which one did the shooting, and the police know this, they are all criminally liable”.

“My client has told me no one has been arrested, and he feels that at any moment he could be shot, remember Miss Morgan threatened him that if he said anything, he would be shot”, the lawyer stated.

Bacchus Baptiste referred to NDP candidate Ben Eexter whose gun was taken simply because it became exposed during a demonstration; however, she says in this case, a man has been shot, may not be able to walk correctly, his life threatened and not a single thing was done.

“Not a single thing, not even to take away the gun, this is a terrifying situation in St Vincent and the Grenadines”, Bacchus Baptiste said.

Bacchus – Baptiste said once a report is made the Police Commissioner becomes aware of it, so if he says he does not know anything about the incident after almost three weeks would be very silly.

“He has been pretty silent, we don’t know what will be said but at least some action should be taken”.

Bacchus – Baptiste said you cannot have someone who is a senator sitting in parliament now with something like this.

“When people think they have some power or some backing, they become embolden, and they think that anybody who trouble them, they can do as they like”.

Bacchus Baptiste said her client intends to seek compensation and write the Police Commissioner, the Attorney General, and other relevant individuals.

“That would be a civil matter, but there must be criminal charges, and the law provides for a private person to bring a private criminal charge if the authorities do not act.

Bacchus – Baptiste says there is, however, a twist in such.

“Soon after the 2010 elections the government change the law so you now have to get fiat, they have not abolished it, but you must now get a fiat from the DPP before you can bring criminal charges. So I will await what the police will do now that am involved”.

Bacchus Baptiste said the police need to investigate and bring charges and if they don’t, the only thing she and her client can do is write the DPP for them to issue a fiat so they can bring criminal charges.

“I can’t see it coming to that, with something that is so blatantly wrong”.

Bacchus – Baptiste said her client denies ever threatening Senator Ashelle Morgan and has been very consistent with his story.

She says they have a good idea of who shot her client, though not quite ready to say his name.

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Comments (3)

  1. The monkey know which tree to climb.The only justice you will in this country is the one you administer.AMEN.

  2. I do believe st.vincent is know as a lawless island because it is very strange”I dealt with a former speaker of the house for nearly 8 years and he gave me hell” that woman took over from him! He was also possessed by the devil. However If they are guilty they better give themselves up or God will intervene in his own way soon.

  3. Among the reasons why we are facing so much pain as a nation. Injustice is rife in SVG. This gov’t is terrible, continuing to do and promote evil. Why can’t everyone see this?