House Of 75yro Biabou Man Destroyed By Arsonist

Police are investigating a report of Arson made by a 75-years-old watchman of Biabou on 29.04.2021.

According to investigations, some unknown person(s) without lawful excuse destroyed one (1) 20×20 wooden house and its contents value $4,210.00ECC by setting same on fire. The property was destroyed at Biabou between 1:00 am and 1:30 am on 27.04.2021.

The police are asking persons with information that can assist with this investigation to contact the Assistant Commissioner in charge of Crimes at 1784-456-1339 or the Officer in charge of South Central Division at 1784-458-4200, or any Police Station/Officer that you are comfortable with. All information will be treated confidentially.

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  1. How absolutely appalling for this poor man as if things haven’t been bad enough for the island an arsonist is dreadful