St Vincent Government Senator Accused of Threatening To Shoot Man In The Mouth

A 62-year-old blocker maker of Diamond said he was maltreated and shot on his property by whom he could only describe by their actions, as gangsters.

Cornelius John of Diamond told News784 that on the afternoon of April 13th, he was sitting on a block in his unfinished porch when three persons, one woman and two men dressed in jeans, t-shirts and masks and caps, entered his property without prior warning.

He said the taller of the men walked up to him and began kicking him in the stomach which caused him to defecate on himself.

“I could not recognize his face because he was wearing a cap and a mask, so I could not make out who he was”.

He told News784 that the man, who was tall and well-built, took his actions even further while he was lying on the ground writhing in pain.

“While I was lying in pain on the ground, he pulls out his gun, cranked it and told me; you want to kill the senator, you want to kill the senator?”  and he proceeded to hold down my left foot and shoot me in it”.

The 62-year Hypertensive told News784 that the woman who entered his property along with the other two men pointed a gun to his face and told him if he called her name in any conversation, she would shoot him in the mouth. He identified the woman to be Government Senator and Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, Ashelle Morgan.

When pressed by News784 as to how he knew it was Senator Morgan, John replied. ‘It was not hard to identify her’.

“I recognize her built, her voice, I looked at her, she grew up around here, I knew her since she was a child, she lives up the road not too far from me”.

John said after he told her, look at my mouth, shoot me in it; they (perpetrators) took off up the road.

“After the pain started to become unbearable, I shouted you shoot me in my foot, people started coming out their houses, and they ran off in the direction where she Morgan lives”.

The traumatised victim said a neighbour helped him band the wound so he would not bleed to death, that neighbour, he said, called the police, who later arrived at the scene of the incident and took him to the hospital.

John’s wounded foot

He spoke of accusations that he is abusive to his wife; “if that is the case, why did the police not come and deal with me? Why did they (the perpetrators) take the law into their own hands?” he said.

“Why did they come to my house and did not go to the police, the police is the fittest one to come and caution me, but they took the law into their own hands, are they above the law?” “They come and shoot me in my own house, and now people want to make me look like a beast”.

John says until the police deal with the matter in the way it should be dealt with, he needs compensation for the injury suffered, his time lost from work, earnings lost as a result of not being able to work and for the trauma, psychological and otherwise which he is now going through.

“Day and night I wonder which time my life would be taken, remember she said she would shoot me in my mouth if I call her name, well am calling her name Ashelle Morgan, so now am waiting”, John said.

News784 reached out to Senator Ashelle Morgan; she did return our calls.

Morgan was appointed Government Senator and Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament following the 2020 general elections in St Vincent.

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By News784

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Comments (7)

  1. Somebody should be going to jail. If the Deputy Speaker is as involved as stated in the article, then she should be remove from her position.
    No one is above the law. The person who shot the guy should be jailed for a long time. I guess all the ashes cover up this criminal act. How come this story now in the news and it happened two weeks ago. Are the police even investigating this shooting? Is the Prime Minister aware of this incident? Is the Opposition leader aware of these shenanigans? Is there law and order in SVG?
    Lock her up! Lock her up! Where is Donald Trump when you need him..The greatest leader the world has ever seen. The real world boss.

  2. Don’t kid yourself Saadiss.In this country you only go to jail is you are a nobody just watch and you will see this whole issue wash down the drain.I wander where are the men in black who went well armed looking for a man who climbed a mountain.Lawd I wander how they’re going to respond to this one.

  3. I am confused. I am thinking that this cannot be true. No. Not in this country. Was this man’s report mere allegations? I am thinking that this has to be some kind of fabrication?
    Sir, you are speaking about the Senator who is also the Deputy Speaker of the House! Sir, the Deputy Speaker is not likely to be involved in this matter. I am wondering if she has seen this article. If she has seen this article then she should issue a statement and distance herself from all this
    We here in SVG are a law-abiding nation and the Deputy Speaker is also an officer of the court and one who should uphold the law.
    Did you say that she was present when you were shot in the leg by a masked man in hee company? You are all alledging that she was a party to this act?
    No….this is unbelievable!
    The Senator needs to respond and put my heart at rest. Unbelievable…
    The Senator

  4. Ok…1…he was questions are who shot him and for what purpose?
    2 he says he knew one of the persons who was there and he recognized her to be the senator.
    3.why isn’t this matter being dealt with some urgency and transparency people need to be held accountable for their actions law and order right..
    4if it turns out that what this man says is true just imagine what’s going on in this country behind close doors and how many more cases of this kinda behavior was swept under the mat.
    5 In my opinion this is just the beginning of the omg! Moment Vincy ppl need to wake the donkey up..

  5. “We here in SVG are a law-abiding nation and the Deputy Speaker is also an officer of the court and one who should uphold the law.” I wonder where in St. Vincent the person who wrote this live. The world knows about the crime that goes on in SVG. “St Vincent and the Grenadines records 30th homicide for 2020.
    ” And, also on Jan. 29, photos and voice messages began circulating on social media, this time, surrounding the brutal chopping in the face of a Greiggs woman, allegedly by two other female villagers.
    And Jan. 30, Israel-Taylor, a Cuba-born, naturalised Vincentian was gunned down at St. Martin’s Secondary School, allegedly by her husband, who has been charged with her murder and is scheduled to appear in court today (Monday).” and the list goes on so tell me Ddiploblogga where are the law abiding as you say.

  6. SS Smith
    You are correct.
    We are supposed to be law abiding citizens and for the most part we are..
    The current situation to which I referred came as a complete shock! The PM indicated that an investigation is still ongoing one month on!
    A number of murders remain unsolved and I agree with you about the other “cases you mentioned.
    What is disturbing in this law abiding nation is that there is a growing tendency for us to get upset for a few days then the whole fiasco dies down and the majority of persons settle …. Yes they just settle down to a new normal.
    There is an apparent increase in violent acts in our country and victims are scattered throughout this land.
    I am making the call to every Vincentian to rise up and demand justice in the land.
    If we don’t speak out against every form of violence, abuse and the likes, the society will become blinded and blighted.
    By and large the nation is generally law abiding. What would happen if vigilante justice is to become the norm?