Brazil: Senate Investigation Against Bolsonaro Begins

(TELESUR) – Brazil’s Senate has begun an inquiry against president Jair Bolsonaro over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The investigation will look into Bolsonaro’s disregard of the crisis as the country amounts to the highest death toll in the Americas after the United States.

The investigation will also involve former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, after several attempts from the federal government to halt the commission and prevent the inquiry.

teleSUR’s correspondent in Brazil, Ignacio Lemus, reports the commission will investigate the hiring and procurement of vaccines and supplies by the Health Ministry; the government position on social isolation and quarantine, including the medications without proven efficacy and their dissemination through the app for COVID-19 assistance and the communication strategies and expenses.

Moreover, the Senate will scrutinize the government contracts and agreements that caused the transfer of resources to states and capitals and the crisis it unleashed, such as requests for oxygen and other items in Amazonas and the summoning of the Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga and the three ministers who left office.

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