World Central Kitchen Serving Thousands Of Meals On St Vincent

World Central Kitchen Serving Thousands Of Meals On Volcano Stricken St Vincent

World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that distributes meals to areas affected by disasters, has set-up kitchens in St. Vincent to feed residents.

The WCK Relief Team arrived shortly after the first eruption, connecting with local community groups and activating restaurants to prepare hot meals.

WCF has been serving 4,000 meals daily to over 50 locations on St. Vincent. It expects to be providing 8,000 hot meals each day.

The biggest challenge for the WCK team on the ground is how to reach displaced families that are spread out over a wide area, rather than being in big congregate shelters due to Covid.

The team is also delivering meals on the island of Bequia, just south of St. Vincent, where some residents have evacuated to.

The island is facing compounding challenges in the weeks ahead. Crops and livestock that communities depend on have been completely lost. Water has been contaminated and supplies of bottled options are running low.

Photo Credit: WCK

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