Multiple Areas Of Venting, Possible Lava Spine At La Soufriere

The UWI SRC in its Tuesday night update provided information on a photo taken by Roderick Stewart, of the MVO/UWI-SRC.

An analysis of the photo according to the UWI SRC update shows multiple areas of venting and a possible lava spine.

spine – a volcanic feature of solid lava squeezed out from a vent that grows upwards forming a tall feature. It can range from tens to hundreds of meters in height and width once it remains stable.

It was also noted by the UWI SRC update that tephra has filled the crater so that it now reaches the top of the southwestern part of the summit.

This can make it easier for pyroclastic density currents PDCs to get out of the summit crater.

Tephra – materials of all types and sizes that are erupted from a volcano and deposited from the air onto surrounding areas.

Further Reading

According to the USGS, A volcanic spine at Mt. Pelee began growing in November 1902. It reached a maximum height of about 1,000 feet (305 m) before it collapsed in mid-1903.

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