St Lucia: SLP Candidate Disrupts SDA Church Service

(St Lucia Star) – Seventh-Day Adventist worshippers at the Forestierre Church were shocked and panicked on Saturday when a former Labour Party senator and current SLP candidate disrupted the service angrily shouting: “Where is Guy Joseph? I want Guy Joseph.”

By eyewitness accounts, the senator roughly shoved a church elder aside when he intervened.

“He burst into the church and started shouting,” said one church member. “It was like he was possessed looking for Guy Joseph and people were trying to calm him down. Some of the young people in the church began to cry. Then his wife came in also shouting in the church. Guy Joseph looked at them in shock.”

Witnesses said the congregation came together and finally escorted the former senator out of the church.

Another worshipper said the enraged SLP candidate claimed Guy Joseph had been saying things about him that aren’t true.

Police are investigating and reports are that the SLP candidate’s firearm has been confiscated. More on this incident later.

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