Mitchell Says Businesses Have A Right To Demand Workers Get Vaccinated

Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell Says, He Supports Businesses Making Vaccination A Requirement  For Employment

(By Ernesto Cooke) – St. George’s) – Grenada’s Prime minister Dr Keith Mitchell says local businesses have a right to demand that their workers get vaccinated. 

He said his government will not pass a mandatory vaccination law but has no issue with vaccination becoming a condition of employment.

“If I have a business and vaccination is the key to protecting my business, I have a right to determine who comes in there vaccinated. That’s my right. You have a right not to vaccinate, but I have a right also to protect my business. So St. George’s University has decided all its staff must be vaccinated, you going to tell them no, you ain’t doing it and you want to keep the job, well my friend, I wish you luck”.

Mitchell said people who refuse should be prepared to leave their employment.

“So, colleagues and friends, I want the word to spread, people have a right to protect their businesses and facilities whatever it is, educational, tourism, whatever they are, that is the right of the individual”.

But your right (individual) not to vaccinate is also sacrosanct”, the Grenadian Prime Minister stated.

Grenada currently has the lowest vaccination rate in the Eastern Caribbean. Prime Minister Mitchell said there needs to be more advocacy on the issue.

Not enough people are speaking out on vaccination, on the issue of protection of what we have here in Grenada, Mitchell said.

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  1. I understand the reasoning of the Grenadian PM, and I respect his opinion. However, I also empathize with people who choose not to take the vaccine. It can NEVER be a comfortable thing for persons taking a vaccine, to know that it is quite possible for them to suffer adverse side effects, including a severe drop in platelets, or worse yet, death. Further, when health experts say that taking the vaccine does not prevent one from contracting Covid, people question if there is any significant benefit in taking the vaccine. Maybe there is a little benefit, but not significant enough to risk the immediate or long term side effects.
    While thousands of persons may not suffer much after taking the vaccine, no one can say definitely that he or she will not suffer a serious side effect. Each person’s
    body is different. So while I respect the Grenadian PM’s views and that of business owners, I think they can be more understanding and considerate of workers who justifiably are afraid of taking the Covid vaccine.