Stay away from the red zone even in periods of lull: Scientist

Professor Richard Robertson says that the next explosion at La Soufriere can be expected in the next seven days, but he has warned the public that it would be unwise to re enter the red zone even in the quiet periods, when there are no explosions taking place, emphasizing that the volcano has not ceased eruptions as yet.

Robertson said that everywhere in the red zone remains extremely dangerous even during these lulls because the length of these periods of lulls can change at any time.

He said that although the pattern of the volcano seems to currently be long periods of quiet, which can change at any time, in a matter of minutes even, without any indication, putting anyone caught in the red zone at that time in harm’s way.

Professor Robertson said that once a volcano has shown that it can be as dangerously and violently explosive as La Soufriere has, it is in an individuals’ best interest to avoid it at all costs.

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