Ministry Of Agriculture Outlines Requirements For Pet Travel

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformations, Industry and Labour in a release has advised the public that persons who are planning to travel overseas with their pets during this period of emergency, must have the animals inspected by the Animal Health and Production Division prior to their departure in order to be accepted into the country where they will be relocated.

According to Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Kathian Hackshaw, the animals will have to be identified using either a microchip for international and regional travel or a temporary band with a unique number for regional travel.

Dr Hackshaw also noted that the animal must be brought along with all medical records to the inspection appointment in order to issue the required export health certificate which will be provided free of cost.

The release stated that requirements have been agreed to by the CARICOM Chief Veterinary Officers and animals will be accepted into the countries once they have their identification, medical records and export health certificate.

Persons are asked to call the Animal Health and Production Division at 493-1749 to make appointments or enquire concerning travel with pets to ensure a smooth transition during this tumultuous time.

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