Man Venture To Summit Of Erupting Volcano On Caribbean Island

‘Simply dotish’ – Hikers climb erupting La Soufriere

All visits to the La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent have been suspended due to explosive eruptions.

 La Soufrière Volcano St Vincent 

Thrill-seeker Desron Rodriquez Keeps defying orders to stay away from La Soufriere Volcano and ventured to the summit on Sunday 18th April.

The volcano which is currently in an explosive phase had its latest eruption on Sunday 18th April at 4.49 pm, sending ash South and West of the island.

Unlike his last visit to the top in 2020, where he collected rock samples, he passed on the chance to venture into the crater this time.

Rodriquez, also called the “Lava Man” by his fans, was accredited with the alias “ Dotish” on Monday 19 by UWI SRC geologist Richard Robertson.

Robertson is the lead scientist tracking and advising the government on La Soufriere eruptions which went explosive on April 9.

Following his recent visit to La Soufriere, which is erupting explosively, Rodriquez posted a video of himself and another individual.

From the film, one could see the individual multiple times in a kneeling position. Rodriquez could be heard asking the individual. What are you doing? Praying.

Scientist Richard Robertson commenting on Rodriquez YouTube posting said:

“ With your actions, you are putting at risk not only yourself and your entire party for all of the reasons that I have stated multiple times.”

Robertson says he has told Rodriquez personally that what he is doing is quite simply mad. 

“This volcano in its current state can erupt explosively without further warning. Anyone on the volcano at the time is at risk of dying horribly from blunt trauma to the body, from excessive burns, and asphyxiation.”

“Anyone at the summit as you were today will certainly be killed if it has one of the kinds of explosions that it had on the very same day that you visited”

Robertson said he is again publicly appealing to Rodriquez to stop putting himself, co-hikers, and potentially the search and rescue team that would come to get him if something happens. 

“This is neither brave nor useful but simply dotish”, Robertson said.

“I’m different, I like to experience things for myself, (So) when I am ready to run movie I would not be talking from hearsay”, Rodriquez told Boom Fm in an interview in January.

Rodriguez, in January, also told radio listeners to take the advisories disseminated by the authorities seriously.

On April 16, Geologist Richard Robertson told News784 that the eruption at La Soufriere has not ended; he told this media house in his words, “Far From It”.

“As we have said for some time now the explosions appear to have been getting smaller with the gap between each becoming longer. It was also said that there might come a time in the near future when the explosive activity would end”.

NEMO says eighty-eight shelters with 4042 occupants are now activated, while some five thousand three hundred and ninety-eight persons (5398) are being housed in private shelter.

A total of 1,459 families have been displaced so far. The alert level remains RED.

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Comments (2)

  1. If the asinine want to go up there( to La Soufriere )let him go. Thin walls to great widths and fools divide.

  2. Lava Man needs to stop this nonsense of going up to the summit of the volcano at this dangerous time!
    He should not even be venturing to climb the mountain. He should be in an Emergency Shelter or in the home of a relative or friend.
    The life God gave us is precious. Psalm 36:9; Job 33:4; Acts 17:28. So Lava Man should not be putting his life at high risk where he can easily be killed. He should show respect for God by valuing the gift of life that God gave him.
    Lava Man, thank you for what you did before Soufriere erupted explosively in letting people know what was going on, though it was risky then, and the geologists were the ones to do the job then, which they did. But now is even more dangerous for anyone to go to the volcano. I don’t like the use of the word “dotish” to describe someone but I have no other logical choice but to agree with Professor Robertson in his use of the word to describe Lava Man’s actions. If Lava Man doesn’t stop this senseless action, I suggest that the police must get him to stop. For if he doesn’t, one day, most likely his body parts will be sent flying in different directions due to a pyroclastic flow or other extremely hot materials ejected from Soufriere’s crater. We certainly don’t want that to happen to Lava Man!