Cuba: Diaz-Canel Elected First Secretary Of Communist Party

(SOURCE TELESUR) – With his appointment as party leader, Raul Castro culminated his work as the first secretary of the Central Committee.

Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Monday was elected as First Secretary of the Communist Party (PCC) succeeding former President Raul Castro.

The news was announced at the end of the PCC’s 8th Congress, which was held this weekend on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, where the U.S. suffered its first military defeat in Latin America.

“Diaz-Canel is not the result of improvisation, but a thoughtful selection. He is a young revolutionary with conditions to lead the Party and the country,” Castro pointed out.

In the last three years, “he has formed a coherent team between the Party, the State, and the Government. I am confident that he will know how to guide the people and the communist militancy with honesty and unity before any adversity,” the former president added.

With the appointment of Diaz-Canel as Party leader, the Army General culminated his work as First Secretary of the PCC Central Committee.

Castro said he feels “satisfied with the duty fulfilled and I am confident in the future. I will continue militating as another militant, willing keep making my modest contribution to the nation until the end of my life.”

During the 8th Congress, the Revolution’s historic generation gave way to the younger communists. At the event, the militants agreed to set an age limit on membership in the PCC Central Committee (60) and leadership positions within the Party (70).

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