Winfield Quits As Shelter Manager, Says ‘The Space’ Has Become Toxic

Activist Winfield Tannis-Abbott says as of Friday afternoon he is no longer the shelter manager for the Calliaqua Anglican Primary School Emergency Shelter.

“ For my peace of mind and sanity, I have decided to step away and leave it for the Principal of the school with her bullying disgusting authoritarian behaviour to finally have total control. It is exactly what she wanted as she kept saying that she is in total control and is the Shelter Manager, I was only in the position when it suited her”.

Tannis -Abbott says his mantra is “when the space you are part of becomes TOXIC walk away and remove yourself”.

He says he will surely miss the persons in the shelter having built a very close bond and relationship with them.

I call them family, Tannis – Abbott said.

“To all the volunteers I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I am gratefully appreciative for all the moral support you have given me together we did a great job even with the problems we were having”.

Tannis – Abbott said there was a spirit of oneness amongst a few persons with one aim and purpose.

“ This was to ensure that persons in the shelter is comfortable and feels as if they are at their original homes”.

Tannis – Abbott said for those who know him he has always been a very honest, committed and dedicated worker not only in St Vincent but regionally and internationally.

My work speaks for itself, he said.

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Comments (2)

  1. I know for the Most Part the brother could be counted on to do what is right. He could be a pain in the ass sometimes, as he was to me in my basketball days, even created a nick name for me bast on my flashy style of playing the game.

    But when it comes to doing an assignment you can count on him to follow his conscience and do what is right. Don’t know what actually happened here and there is always two sides to every story. From what I know of him, I give the brother the benefit of the doubt, that his story is true.

  2. I appreciate that this news outlet provides a voice for Vincentians. But people like Winfield have to answer to God for the way they exploit situations for their own benefit… everything he does is to prop up or baloon his image, and people like this must be treated as pariahs. They feed off the misfortune of others. But as the saying goes “God doesn’t sleep.” Your day of reconning is coming and you would soon be exposed as insincere, using the pain of those in your immediate community for your own benefit..