Italian Senate Urges Elimination Of The Blockade Against Cuba

On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate of the Italian Republic approved a motion in favour of lifting the economic, commercial, and financial blockade that the U.S. has maintained for six decades against Cuba.

The motion notes that the sanctions against Cuba constitute an unjustifiable policy of war that primarily affects the people and has been and continues to be the main obstacle to the economic and social development of the Caribbean country.

Motion No. 238, which was presented by the initial signers’ Senators Paola Nugnes and Loredana de Petris, both from the Mixed Group – Free and Equal Party (LEU), was approved Tuesday afternoon with the favourable vote of 172 of the 194 senators present.

Before being submitted to a vote, the text already had the significant support of more than 30 representatives from various political parties in Italy.

In the motion, the Italian Senate asks the Italian Government to commit itself, together with other European Union countries, in all multilateral scenarios, including those of the United Nations, to effectively eliminate the U.S. mechanism of sanctions against Cuba.

After learning of the result, the Cuban Ambassador, José Carlos Rodríguez Ruiz, thanked both the Senators who promoted the initiative and all those who voted in favor of it for their valuable support to reinforce international actions in favor of the elimination of the unilateral blockade of the United States against the Cuban people.

Shortly before the motion was submitted for consideration by the Upper House of the Italian Parliament, Senator Loredana De Petris made statements to RAI Portal Radio of the Parliament, in which she expressed that Italy has always been a friend of Cuba and in accordance with Pope Francis’ own appeal, this motion calls on the Italian government, in coordination with the European Union, to mobilize for the lifting of the unjust U.S. blockade on Cuba.


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