UWI SRC Update: Episodic Eruptions, Less Energetic Explosions

The UWI Seismic Unit says activity at La Soufrière, St Vincent continued to follow the pattern established on Tuesday, the bands of tremor are about 14 hours apart, separated by swarms of small, long-period (LP) earthquakes.

The unit said in an update on Wednesday night that the latest band of tremor occurred at about 11:35 am on Wednesday morning and, as before, was associated with an episode of explosive activity.

The UWI SRC says the explosions produced were gas-rich and did not rise as energetically as previous explosions.No pyroclastic density currents were produced.

The volcano continues to erupt explosively and has now begun to generate pyroclastic density currents. Its current pattern of explosions appears to be episodic (stop-and-go) with longer periods between explosions and less energy.

Explosions and accompanying ashfall, of similar or larger magnitude, are likely to continue to occur over the next few days, the UWI SRC said.

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