St Vincent Coast Guard Rescues More Residents From Owia

St Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard returned over the river today to transport persons from Owia to safety.

Twelve persons were landed at the Coastguard base at Calliaqua after being finally persuaded to leave the danger zone.

They were transported to shelters in the area.

Speaking during the emergency update, Professor Robertson said it was still unclear how long the eruptions at La Soufriere would continue.

Professor Robertson said although episodic explosions were emanating from the volcano, the plumes of ash were not travelling as high as on previous occasions.

However, he said the volcanic activity at present was “bigger” than the 1979 eruption. In fact, he said it was more on a scale with the eruption which occurred in 1902.

“This period could vary from a few weeks to a few months to as long as up to a year given past experience”.

The UWI SRC today said a recon mission after 6:30 am showed evidence of pyroclastic density currents (PDCs) in every valley from the Wallibou river to Larakai.

The flow here came down the Wallibou river.

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