UWI SRC Says A Possible Smaller Vent Exist Inside The New Crater

The UWI Seismic Research Centre says the Latest processed image of the LaSoufriere volcano reveals more changes at the summit.

The image processed by Dr Adam Stinton taken from the Sentinel-1 satellite show changes to the summit crater with a possible smaller vent inside the new crater.

The black/dark areas to the west (left) of the summit are the pyroclastic flow deposits from earlier explosive events.

On Monday morning  Geologist Richard Robertson said that patterns have changed at La Soufriere with four to five hours between explosions.

The geologist said the explosive eruptions have destroyed the pre-existing domes (1979 and 2020-21) and created a new vent from which the current explosions are being generated.

This large opening would either remain or a new dome would be created after eruptions cease, he said.

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