Large explosion at La Soufriere, volcano dome collapsed

Large explosive eruption at La Soufriere, dome collapse, pyroclastic flow Occurring

(By Ernesto Cooke) – A large explosive eruption has occurred at the La Soufriere volcano. The eruption was seen on the Martinique radar at approximately 4.15 am.

According to NEMO the islands disaster agency dome collapse and pyroclastic flow along the valleys on the eastern and western coast have occurred.

On Monday 12th April, Geologist Richard Robertson said that patterns have changed at La Soufriere over the last hours. He said there are now four to five hours between explosions.

Robertson said fresh magma is being emitted in the ongoing explosions. However, there is uncertainty about how long it would go on.

NEMO on its Twitter page said, “Pyroclastic flows at La Soufriere possible destruction and devastation of communities close to the volcano”.

The islands disaster agency reported that the current activity pattern similar to that of the 1902 eruption and were likely to cause more damage and destruction.

New satellite imagery taken on April 10 2021, shows what one volcanologist described as a new vent at St Vincent’s La Soufriere volcano.

Some 20,000 persons have been evacuated from the Red Zone, with 3178 in shelter and others at families and friends in the safe zone.

On Monday morning, the island’s government said that all essential workers, including those at the seaports, were to report to work while persons assigned to shelters were asked to continue to assist.

The island’s Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves made an urgent last-minute call on Monday morning for any civilian remaining in the Red Zone to get out as more explosions are expected throughout the day.

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