Vincy Students In CUBA Sends Message Of Love And Hope

Good day Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I do trust and hope that everyone is safe and okay thus far. I know for some of us that this is our first experience of a volcanic eruption while for others, it is like reliving the past. But with the grace and mercies of God, we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side.
The students that are currently in Cuba open our hearts to you, sympathizing and empathizing with those who are at home hoping and praying that we will get through this and that as a nation we will once again rise from this catastrophic event.
Wherever we may be, we are all one. We feel the pain and fear that devours you and as teardrops fall from the eyelids of most, our hearts  become drowned in sorrows.
We pray that our leaders and the emergency services will continue to apply wisdom in managing the affairs of the country and ask that they be continually uplifted in your prayers.
Let us not be in despair. Let us work together to overcome the obstacles that press us including the COVID-19 pandemic and Dengue fever. Now is not the time to retreat from what is right or just but an occasion to lift our spirits, to foster brotherly love and unity and to seek out opportunities to build back our communities better.
We would like to thank our neighbouring countries who have extended their homes and other offers of assistance at  this grave time.  Special commendations to Dr. Richard Robertson and his team for their heroic efforts over the past few months and their continual assuring calm throughout this time. We thank them from the depths of our hearts as they have saved lives. At the appropriate time, their work should be duly recognised.
To this end, on behalf of all the students studying in the Republic of Cuba, we want to extend our best wishes to the government, to our families and friends and look forward to the opportunity to directly contribute to nation-building in the near future.
Dr Mercury/Staff Sgt of the SVG Cadet Force

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