Update From St Vincent Met Services

Moderate concentrations of Saharan dust and ash clouds; spreading from volcanic plumes of the ongoing explosive eruption at La Soufrière St. Vincent, contribute to overcast skies with very poor visibility and unhealthy air quality.

Volcanic lightning and thundering is also likely across St. Vincent…Take action to protect life and property…These conditions lessen towards our Grenadine Islands. A few showers crossed our islands this afternoon and the chance for scattered showers across SVG could increase by Sunday. Unstable conditions could support moderate showers during Monday and Tuesday.

Gentle to moderate (15 – 25 km/h) north-easterly trades could increase near 30 km/h during night-time. Wind directions are expected to gradually turn south-easterly during Monday.

Slight to moderate sea conditions are across our islands; with northerly swells nearing 1.0 m on western coasts and up to 2.0 m on eastern coasts.

By Monday, long-period waves are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip-currents across SVG…Small-craft operators and sea-bathers should exercise extreme caution and take action to protect life and property due to very poor visibility and air quality…

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