Several Homes Destroyed In Sandy Bay As La Soufriere Erupts

(NEWS784) – Several homes have been destroyed in the Northern Community of Sandy Bay located in the Red Zone.

The government has evacuated residents; however, on Saturday morning, volunteers were still trying to reach a few villagers who decided to brave the eruption.

Efforts were also on in the Northern community to evacuate several residents by boat.

The UWI Research centre said on Saturday that the tremor generated by energetic venting of La Soufrière, St Vincent continued overnight with the size of the tremor peaking between 8 pm and midnight on 9 April and slowly declined over the early morning hours.

A small number of volcano-tectonic, long-period and hybrid earthquakes have been recorded during the tremor.

UWI says audible rumblings accompanied by ash venting occurred throughout most of the night with ashfall reported throughout St. Vincent and some areas in Barbados.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs says  Fish markets across the island will close with immediate effect for today – Saturday, April 10.

The Ministry is taking this step due to the Advisory from the Barbados Meteorological Services concerning volcanic ashfall and minimizing any effects as a result.

The volcano has entered an explosive eruptive phase that may continue over the next few days and weeks. Explosions are expected to be of similar or larger magnitude.

On Saturday 10th April, Geologist Richard Robertson said current satellite image shows that the new dome which was created from the effusive eruptions of 2020/2021 is almost gone”.

 So far indications are the 2021 eruption would more than likely be much bigger than the 1979 eruption, Robertson said.

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