Bequia Residents Say Super Spreader Event Is Taking Place On The Island

Residents on the Grenadine island of Bequia are livid following what they consider a Super Spreader event as hundreds of mainlanders descended upon the popular Easter Regatta location from as early as Thursday evening.

Residents told News784 that they gazed in shock, horror and dismay as the scene was reminiscent of Vincy Mas.

Persons were seen clad in vacation attire, clamouring in vehicles without masks; more so, all of the COVID-19 rules were flouted.

One resident hysterically told News784, ” Sugar dey down ya, me frighten, they war bring COVID ya, the police need to do something”.

Residents further told News784 that almost all of the accommodation facilities on the island are filled.

One resident who lives in a clear view of Lower Bay told News784 that she was astonished to see yachts and speed boats just offloading persons on the beach.

” Am appalled! Would there be a spike in COVID cases next week? What happened to the rules that were put in place by the authorities? This country is lawless”, the resident told News784.

Last week the highly anticipated annual Bequia Easter Regatta Festival and Union Island Easterval was cancelled for the second consecutive year; as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect us globally.

The following advice was issued for the Easter Weekend, Friday, April 2nd, 2021, to Monday, April 5th, 2021:

Limit congregations to 1/3 capacity of the house of worship
Mandatory mask use
Physical spacing
Registration of congregants.
Mass gatherings – excluding churches:
No indoor dining
No more than ten persons for indoor gatherings
No more than twenty persons for outdoor gatherings.
Mandatory mask use in public spaces and private spaces to which the public has access.
Persons operating public transportation vehicles:
Limit passengers to ½ the licensed number of passengers
Mandatory mask use by occupants
Sanitization of vehicles.

There should therefore be no social gatherings including river cooks, limes, boat rides, picnics or parties during the Easter weekend.

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