Should Schools In Red And Orange Zones Open April 12th-By Georgina George

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Dear Editor 

Due to the uncertainty as to when the volcano may go explosive, is it reasonable to open a school for children and teachers living in the red and orange zones areas?

As Professor Robertson clearly mentioned already, things can change rapidly and La Soufriere can erupt explosively at short notice.

If La Soufriere doesn’t erupt explosively before, what happens if seismic activity changes rapidly and an explosive eruption occurs while the children and teachers are at school?

Is it fair for the children to be at school awaiting their parents or guardians to come and collect them? Is it fair for teachers to have to be waiting at school with the children until the parents and guardians arrive to collect their children?

If this happens, this is going to seriously slow down the evacuation process. Children, parents, and teachers may be bathing in ash and other materials on their way hustling to get home and then prepare to evacuate as quickly as possible.

I am kindly recommending to the Government and the Ministry of Education to keep schools closed in the red and orange zones areas until the volcano dilemma is over.

That’s the most reasonable and wise thing to do. We may end up regretting doing otherwise. Online teaching and learning can continue for the children in the red and orange zones from April 12th. Everyone, please be alert and safe!

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  1. So you believe it is better to leave children unattended at home rather having them at school where they can be more quickly evacuated to a safe zone? If parents are at work would they still not have to go home to collect their children before evacuating the area? Think it through!