Another Indigenous People Leader Assassinated in Colombia

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) condemned the assassination of Wayuu Indigenous people leader Aura Garcia in the La Guajira department.

She was a traditional authority of the Arronshy community in Uribia municipality. She was ambushed by two unknown individuals and shot to death on Wednesday afternoon.

Previously, she had denounced several threats that led her to request protection for her and Wayuu women in the community

ONIC denounced that despite Garcia’s warnings, competent authorities did nothing to ensure her life and safety.

A petition was filled by Aura’s relatives before the Attorney General’s Office and the Wayuu traditional authorities to investigate the murder.

Wayuu Indigenous people have been struggling for years against coal mining in La Guajira. A report showed that a 150-kilometers railway line transporting coal in the area exterminated 17 streams and privatized 69,393 hectares of land.

Garcia is the 41st social leader murdered this year. Her death climbs the figure of social activists killed since the signing of the 2016 Peace accords to 1,155 people.


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