When They Finally Paid, One Of Us Received A Cheque For Less Than $2.00

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Dear Editor,

I was moved by an article you published yesterday, 31st April, concerning Digicel St. Vincent’s treatment of its workers that I decided to share my side of the story.

It’s a long time since Digicel is robbing people, I worked with other friends as with Digicel as an ambassador for three months straight without pay.

When we began working for Digicel, we were told that we would be paid $600 a month once a given target is met, with a commission on every SIM card sold, plan activated and credit sold.

We were also told that if we didn’t meet the target, we would have still gotten commission from the credit sold, plan activated and SIM cards sold.

In addition to this, the bigger the plans that we activated, the more the commission would be.

When they finally paid us, one of us received a cheque with less than $2.00, another less than $20, and one of the ambassadors’ name was not even on the list to get paid after working for three months.

We worked from Monday to Friday in town and sold close to $2000 dollars in credit each, and one of the ambassadors even made over $3000 selling credit. That ambassador was paid less than $60 IN 3 MONTHS.

I was so dismayed and got fed up that I worked three months and after I got my cheque, I bounced.

Former Ambassador

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