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It can be fairly argued that one of the best recent examples of “faking it until you make it is” is what I understand is currently happening in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the telecommunications company – Digicel St.Vincent.

 I understand that, on the heels of its 18th anniversary and the myriad amounts of money and prizes being given away that a fair amount of people are being fired.

In addition to this, persons have reached out complaining of the very late payment of salaries. There has even been a report supposedly of a woman returning from maternity leave to hear that her services were no longer needed. The following messages came directly to me and they speak for themselves.

This issue seems to be affecting mostly the Digicel St.Vincent Ambassadors as stated below;

Today would make it a month and a half since the works have not been paid and many are left with expenses that are piling up. The workers are in need of their salaries so that they can buy food, pay for transportation, and care for their children and their elderly family members.

Most importantly, we are currently under an orange alert, and our volcano – La Soufriere, may erupt at any time. What then will they do? How are these workers going to be properly prepared? Unfortunately and interestingly enough, as I wrote this article, the messages streamed in and I was informed that allegedly, today March 31, 2021  5 workers were fired;  The message is as follows;

One of the Ambassadors finally had this to say

Digicel St. Vincent and the Grenadines you have given St. Vincent and the Grenadines 18 years of good service and most importantly, offered an option when there was none but your workers are inevitably your first customers. “Better together”your slogan should be paired with the saying “charity begins at home”.

Your workers are your family members. You must first serve them and serve them well.

Please pay your workers!

Christopher J. Grant


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