Venezuela and Russia Set High-Level Cooperation Meetings

Officials met in five commissions to address bilateral ties in the trade, transport, industrial, pharmaceutical, science, finance, and military sectors.

Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami on Tuesday inaugurated technical meetings to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Russia as part of high-level intergovernmental talks.

He thanked the Russian assistance in the fight against the pandemic, including the access to Sputnik V and EpiVacCorona COVID-19 vaccines.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov welcomed the 76th anniversary of cooperation and political dialogue between both nations while reaffirming his country’s commitment to Venezuela’s development.

He also condemned the U.S. arbitrary and coercive measures, which have been impacting negatively on the Bolivarian economy and population.

The meme reads, “Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza’s words: Life is coming on this CONVIASA flight thanks to the Russian Federation and President Putin. Venezuela is making efforts despite having US$7 billion blocked and its oil production and trade under siege.”

Venezuelan and Russian officials met in five commissions to address bilateral ties related to sectors such as trade, transport, manufacture, pharmaceutical, science, finance, and military.

The Bolivarian delegation proposed the 2021-2031 cooperation program to commemorate the Venezuelan independence from Spain in 1821.

On Monday, Venezuela received a new batch of 50,000 Sputnik V vaccines to complete the national immunization. EpiVacCorona vaccine will also arrive in the coming weeks for clinical trials.


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