Venezuela Is Victim of Colombian Armed Groups, Maduro Denounces

“In Venezuela, there will be no war. The Bolivarian National Armed Forces will guarantee the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela,” he pointed out.

On Sunday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro denounced that the Colombian government is behind the recent incursion of irregular armed groups into Apure state, which is located in the southwestern border region.

“We have all the WhatsApp accounts and conversations. We know the whole strategy they coordinate with the Colombian government and what they were going to do in Venezuelan territory,” Maduro said.

“The Colombian army and intelligence have articulated with some of those irregular groups and have given them missions to come and bring the war to Venezuela.”

The Bolivarian leader called on citizens to strengthen the civil-military union to defend themselves from irregular groups that threaten their country’s borders.

“In Venezuela, there will be no war. The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) will guarantee the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela. We are sons of Bolivar… and we are ready,” Maduro said.

He also explained that these irregular groups are part of a strategy in which their incursion into Venezuelan territory follows the logic of Colombian paramitarism.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan President announced that his government is taking the necessary steps to obtain more COVID-19 vaccines.

“Through diplomatic, political, and judicial channels, we have requested the release of Venezuela’s financial resources to acquire the 20 percent of vaccines guaranteed by the COVAX mechanism,” Maduro announced.


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