The Spirit Of Dumb- The Covid-19 Vaccine

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I begin this article by saying that if there is a covenant of death and hell over Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in the name of Jesus I break it.

The Covid-19 vaccine ( Pfizer) was developed in the space of 9 months and distributed in the year 2020 (The Wall Street Journal, 2020). Other brands followed after. The Covid-19 vaccine is different from regular vaccines.

Instead of using the active or non-active real virus and injecting it into the body like regular vaccines, a genetic code wrapped in hydrogel, that is, something that is not from nature, is injected into the body, triggering the body cells to purposely produce parts of the virus (, 2021).

While some Vincentians may argue that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine but rather an adenovirus-based one, it contains a recombinant engineered spike protein that triggers our cells to produce the protein that stimulates the immune system, since this is the essence of how all Covid-19 vaccines work. Such an action has never been performed on the human race, and is purely experimental.

One may highlight that given the nature of the urgency, this action is necessary and the vaccine is viewed as the only source of the human race’s survival. However, it is still just an experiment, urgency or not. The benefits of the covid-19 vaccine have proven to be small. Experts are arguing amongst themselves, vaccinated people are letting their guards down, neglecting to follow safety guidelines, and exercising a level of superiority over those who choose not to be vaccinated.

Given the knowledge I have acquired from my days spent in the Chemistry lab, in any given experiment, (because this is what this is so let us treat it as such) there must be a control group and an experimental group. The experimental group receives the vaccine, the control group does not. Both groups are monitored and the results are recorded.

Why then are persons being pressured to take the Covid-19 vaccine? Why must the control group be subjected to fortnight testing without the experimental group also undergoing such treatment?  In some countries, a percentage of the Covid-19 test were later discovered to be false positive. How equip is SVG to deal with that? Are we already declaring that the vaccine is 100% effective?

At present, experts do not know how long immunity lasts after taking the second dose of the vaccine. They are not sure how much of the population is needed to be vaccinated to reach immunity. Therefore, herd immunity in this case is also experimental and may never even be acquired since a change in the Covid variant can alter the herd immunity equation (Gouveia, 2021).

Persons who want to take the vaccines, let them! Persons who are saying, the benefits of the vaccine are too small and their bodies are the temple of the Lord, and therefore, we watch what goes into it, we do not want the vaccine, let them not take it!

In the bible, David played his harp, and the evil spirit that tormented Saul left him. We are harps or instruments in the hands of Jesus. I appeal to you Christians to praise and worship, pray and fast so that the spirit of dumb can depart from our world leaders.

 Every man in his best state is altogether vanity. We cry out to be saved from the contempt of idiots, but I will say no more, I will shut my mouth since the Lord is behind of all this (Psalms 39: 8-9). Only God can deliver!

A servant of God


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