Facebook Blocks President Maduro’s Page For A Month

The blocking is due to alleged violations of the social network’s policies on disinformation about COVID-19.

Venezuela’s government on Sunday accused Facebook of being a “digital totalitarianism” platform after the U.S. social media company suspended President Nicolas Maduro’s page for thirty days.

“This measure violates the rights of over 1.2 million users who follow the page,” highlighted a statement from the Ministry of Communications and Information.

Facebook has prevented Maduro’s page from posting any new content while still available for users to access.

On March 21, Maduro uploaded a video talking about the Venezuela-made retroviral Carvativir and its properties against COVID-19. The social media company labeled the post as harmful and uninformative and then accused the President’s page of violating the social network’s policies against disinformation related to COVID-19.

“This is not only an act of censorship typical of a new media dictatorship but an evidence of the extension of U.S. blockade and boycott,” said the Communication and Information Minister Freddy Ñañez on his account on Twitter.

In October 2020, a report on the DR10 molecule was presented to prove its curative properties against COVID-19. The report was duly approved by Venezuelan governmental health authorities and the scientific community.

Paradoxically, Facebook never took action against former U.S. President Donald Trump’s account when he claimed that injecting chlorine could cure COVID-19.


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