Byera Residents Report Feeling Earthquake In The Early Hours Of Monday

Residents in the North-Eastern community of Byera on mainland St Vincent informed News784 about an Earthquake being felt in the early morning hours of Monday 29th March.

Last Wednesday evening, Geologist Professor Dr Richard Robertson confirmed changes in seismic activity at La Soufriere.

Due to the changes, he said persons living on the Volcano’s flanks would feel earthquakes, that upsurge inactivity as of Friday has lessened, according to NEMO.

The information relayed to News784 is that residents were awakened by an earthquake around 2. 38 am.

It is not clear if what residents felt was associated with the 5.3 Magnitude earthquake NE of Barbados at 2.35 am local time or VT earthquakes associated with La Soufriere.

Preliminary information from UWI Seismic Unit says the quake at 2.35 am was felt in Barbados, St Lucia and Martinique.

Starting at 16:53 local time (20:53 UTC) on 23 March 2021, the monitoring network started recording volcano-tectonic (VT) earthquakes.

These earthquakes are normally associated with underground fractures of the rock mass and are commonly generated by magma pushing through an unyielding rock mass.

The La Soufrière Volcano continues to be closely monitored by a locally based team consisting of scientists from the Soufriere Monitoring Unit (SMU), The UWI Seismic Research Centre (SRC) and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO).

Ernesto Cooke

Ernesto Cooke has been a radio broadcaster for over twenty years; he was a news reporter at WEFM before joining News784. In addition, he has written for the New York Times and reported For the BBC during the La Soufriere eruptions of 2021.

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