105 Shelters Prepared For Possible Eruption Of La Soufriere Volcano

(NEWS784) – 105 emergency shelters have been identified across St Vincent. These shelters would be used to house evacuees as St Vincent prepares for a possible eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano.

Evacuees would come from Fancy to Georgetown on the North-Western corridor and Fitz Hughes to Coulls Hil on the North-Eastern corridor of mainland St Vincent.

It is expected that some 20,000 persons would be evacuated in the event of an explosive eruption.

 South Central Windward

North Union Secondary School

New Grounds Primary School

Streams of Power Church – San Souci

South Central Windward Learning Resource Centre

Diamonds Government School

Greggs Government School

Lowmans Windward Anglican School

Lauders Primary School

South Windward

New Prospect Primary School (Simon)

Adelphi Secondary School

New Creation Baptist Church –Peruvian Vale

Biabou Church of Christ

Biabou Methodist Church

Biabou Methodist School

South Windward Learning Resource Center

Yambou Seventh Day Adventist Church

Argyle Primary School

Calder Seventh Day Adventist Church

Calder Primary School

Clair Dacon Secondary School- Stubbs

Mount Coke Methodist Church – Stubbs

Stubbs Seventh Day Adventist Church

East St. George

Apostolic Assemblies – Diamond

Diamond Deliverance Assembly – Diamond

Moriah S.D.A. Church & Development Centre – Belvedere

Brighton Methodist School

Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean – Ratho Mill

Calliaqua Anglican School (Old and New Building)

Calliaqua Town Hall (Upstairs)

Paul Parish Hall – Calliaqua

Fair Hall Primary School

Glen Seventh Day Adventist Church

Belmont Government School

West St. George

Dauphine Community Centre

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Belair

West St. George Secondary School – Belair

Belair Government School

Gomea Methodist Church and Pre School

Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church – Gomea

Doris McKie Learning Resource Centre – Cane Hall

Dorsetshire Hill Evangelical Church

Dorsetshire Hill Government School


Kingdom Life Tabernacle – Mesopotamia

Marriaqua Government School

Emmanuel High School – Mesopotamia

Streams of Power Church – Carrierre

International Pentecostal Assembly -Richland Park

Richland Park Government School

Richland Park SDA Church

Cane End Government School

John’s Roman Catholic Church – Cane End

Evesham Learning Resource Centre

Evesham Methodist Church

Evesham SDA Church


The Church of the Ascension (Sion Hill Anglican Church)

Sion Hill Government School

Faith Evangelistic Outreach Church – Sion Hill

Gospel Hall Church – Kingstown

Kingstown Preparatory School

W. Prescott Primary School

Intermediate High School

Girls High School

Vincent Grammar School

Thomas Saunders Secondary School

Joseph’s Convent – Kingstown

Bishops College Kingstown – Paul’s Avenue

Kingstown Government School – Stoney Ground

Kingstown Anglican School

New Testament Church of God – Wilson Hill

Faith Temple Church – New Montrose

Lodge Village Government School

New Testament Church of God- Lodge Village

P. Eustace Memorial School – Edinboro

Fundamental Bible Church – Gibson Corner

Redemption Sharpes Community Centre – Redemption Sharpes

Church of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal – Redemption Sharpes

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Kingstown Park

South Leeward

Lowmans Leeward Anglican Primary School

Apostolic Faith Mission Church – Campden Park

Campden Park Community Centre

Campden Park Community Baptist Church

Wesleyan Holiness Church – Campden Park

Bethel Secondary School – Campden Park

South Leeward Learning Resource Centre – Questelles

Apostolic Faith Mission Church – Questelles

Questelles Government School

Clare Valley Community Centre

Seventh Day Adventist Church – Clare Valley

Rillan Hill Roman Catholic Church

Rillan Hill Community Centre

Buccament Government School – Dubois

Paradise Seventh Day Adventist Church – Vermont

Vermont Community Centre

Central Leeward

Golden Years Centre – Buccament

Buccament Bay Secondary School

Layou Government School

Layou Grace and Truth Hall Campsite

Central Leeward Secondary School – Peters Hope

Barrouallie Government School

Barrouallie Technical Institute

Barrouallie Anglican School

Barrouallie Evangelical Church

Barrouallie Learning Resource Centre

Grace and Truth Church – Barrouallie

Kingdom Life Ministries –Keartons, Barrouallie

Emergency Shelters in the Grenadines will be used as necessary.



Community Assembly Points

North Leeward

Chateaubelair ●  Mission Corner/ Centre Road Junction

Chateaubelair Playing field

Fitz Hughes Fitz Hughes Government School

Petit Bordel Petit Bordel Playing Field

Rose Bank Rose Bank Community Centre

Rose Hall Works (Three Junction Road)

Troumaca Crossroads (at the Troumaca Primary School)

Westwood/Coulls Coulls Methodist Church Yard

Richmond /Richmond Vale Academy Gap

North Windward

Fancy Fancy Playing Field (near clinic)

Owia Owia Fisheries Complex

 Junction leading to Fancy

Police station Gap

Point Barry’s Bar

Sandy Bay ●  Miller Junction (Gap before the Sandy Bay Police

Station) – (Bottom Middle street to Bottom Gap)

 Old Primary School Yard 

 London Playing Field – (London, Noel)

Peter Ballantyne Church

 Police station – (Backstreet and Top Middle Street)

 Be-Sah Junction – (Old Sandy Bay)

 Esford Junction – (Sion Hill)

Overland Area near Overland Clinic

Magum Mrs. Smith shop at the Junction

Tourama Old school in Tourama

Orange Hill Near the Orange Hill Chinese Institute

Georgetown Old  Playing  Field  –  (Cobo  town,  Brownstown,

Georgetown proper)

 Chilli Playing Field – (Caratal, Chilli & Rose net)

 Berean Baptist Church – (Mt Bentick, Caratal & Spring Village)

 Langley Park School – (Langley Park proper, Basin Hole)

 Basin Hole Bridge – Langley park

 Dickson Methodist School – Dickson

 Spring Junction/Gap – Spring Village

 Valley Bridge Obrien’s Valley – (Obrien’s Valley,

Perseverance, New village)

 Old  Chapman’s  School  –  (New  village  in chapman’s, NEMO relocated housing area)

 Evelyn shop – Chapmans

 Black Point Entrance – (Mt Young above the gas station)

Byera ●  Byera Junction at Uncle Toad

Slim Boy Gap

 Old School at Byera

Chester Cottage Unity Square Junction (Junction at Samuel’s Bakery

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  1. Are the authorities declaring Spring Village in North Leeward safe from an explosive eruption? With two very huge domes now, isn’t there a greater likelihood that more material than 1979 will be expelled from the crater to affect residents negatively if an explosive eruption occurs? Isn’t it likely that Spring Village will be affected greatly too? What’s really going on with the authorities? Do they really know what they are doing? I wonder!