Common Types of Evidence in Personal Injury Cases 

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Due to accidents, sometimes a person can end up having a life-threatening injury. Usually, the authority is responsible for not maintaining the area or the place where the accident took place.  In such injury cases, having the evidence is crucial.

The evidence suggests how things happened. Evidence allows the judge to put together every piece and that’s why CSI bag, tag, and photograph everything at some crime scene as well. The personal injury case may not be like the crime, but you need to partner with an experienced injury lawyer if you want the authority to be responsible for your injury.

Here, we have gathered a few types of evidence that can be useful in any personal injury case. Have a brief look at them down below:

Physical Evidence: The most common form of evidence is physical evidence. Anything you can touch and show to other people is considered physical evidence.

In a personal injury case, things like a broken machine, slippery slope, broken staircase, a sheared piece of cloth, stained cloth, a large tree in a parking lot, low visibility due to installing less lights and many other things like that are your physical evidence. This kind of evidence can’t be preserved for long so it’s better to follow up as soon as possible for a better understanding of the damage extent.

Pictures or Videos:  Nothing is more convincing than the on-scene videos and pictures. These are even better than the physical evidence. They are going to tell the whole story that is true. In workplaces, there are CCTV cameras that record everything. Some houses and streets also have plenty of cameras. But for surety, take out your own phone and start recording everything. If someone else took pictures or made video, ask them to share as they could be instrumental evidence.

Medical Reports: A personal injury case revolves around the medical reports as these reports are proof of you being injured by a particular collision or accident. It is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately after the accident even if you are not badly hurt. It is mainly due to the reason that sometimes injuries could be internal and can cause more damage than your body lets on.

The doctors will be able to put on detailed notes about the injuries and their treatment.  So, if you have damaged any organ or suffered a fatal injury, these notes can help you fight your case in court.  Keep all documents including medical reports, hospital bills, and insurance policies as these can be beneficial while making a personal injury case. If you are looking for an experienced injury lawyer, Steven Polak helps in legal representation in case you are injured.

Police Reports: It is also important that you report the accident to the local police and record your statement about everything that happened to you. Police reports will indicate the accident occurred on the particular place, time, and date.


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