Historic Jackpot! NLA Could Hit 100 Million In Sales In 2021

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Manager of NLA McGregor Sealey says that the latest Super Six Jackpot is historic.

 “ Historic as it is the first time we would have had successive winners in the Super Six games from St Vincent”.

 Sealey says that it is historic because the last jackpot winner Debrah Halbich bought her ticket at the same lottery booth.

 The NLA manager said the Lottery at the close of the financial year in 2020 did over 80 Million in sales.

 “ As I speak to you now, we are 15 Million dollars ahead in sales for the same period last year.

 Sealey said if the trend continues, it appears as though the NLA will create another record.

 “ We would either be reaching close to 90 Million or a record of 100 Million in sales”.

 Sealey thanked the general public for their support in the torrid times, the agents and the marketing team for their dedication.

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  1. Interesting! This is a boast of ripping off Vincentral. ST.Maarten Government regulate their casinos to pay out around 85% of their earnings. …seems our national game paying out about 1%. Should I remind us that ours is a Labour government.