6-year-old Texas girl fatally shot over clogged toilet: cops

Raymeon Means, 35, has been charged with capital murder in the Friday shooting at an apartment complex in Pasadena — where a girl identified in reports by her mother as Laurionne Walker was shot during a dispute over spilled water from the backed-up toilet, police said.

“The toilet was stopped up and the water spilled out, so it was overflowing and that was what set him off I guess,” Pasadena police spokeswoman Jessica Ramirez told The Post Monday.

Means has been identified as a relative of the girl in some reports, but Ramirez said he’s not related to Laurionne. The girl’s mother and his sister are “really good friends,” close enough that some people mistook them for being family members, Ramirez said.

Means’ sister had been watching the girl at the woman’s apartment as her mother attended a vigil for a woman and three children who died in a crash in Spring the previous weekend. The girl’s mother is the aunt of three young victims, KTRK reported.

Means, who was arrested later Friday, was spotted at the residence just before the shooting, another resident told KPRC.

“He knocked on the door and he was like, ‘Oh, can you check if you have water coming down because the little girl clogged the toilet,” neighbor Maurico Alvarez said.

The man then left and other neighbours started arguing, Alvarez recalled.

“He went running upstairs and we heard like four, five shots and he started running, and we started hearing screams,” Alvarez told KPRC.

Laurionne was later pronounced dead at a hospital, police said.

Means is originally from Haiti, but is a US citizen. He appeared for a probable cause hearing early Sunday on the capital murder charge and was denied bond, KTRK reported.

If convicted, Means could face the death penalty, but it’s unclear if prosecutors intend to seek that, according to the station.

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