Caribbean Airlines Flight Schedule Between New York And SVG

Customers travelling from New York can now book connecting flights to destinations in the Eastern Caribbean via Barbados.

On April 01, 2021 Caribbean Airlines will launch non-stop service between Barbados (BGI) and JFK, New York, operating as one-way sectors on Thursday out of Barbados and Saturday out of New York; facilitating seamless onward connections to Dominica, St. Vincent and Grenada.


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Comments (2)

  1. So:

    Check in at argyle at 06:40 and arrive at JFK 24 hours later?!

    ….For a 5 hour flight?

    Please, who is scheduling this?

  2. What an f-ing joke! Barbados must be the only competent place in EC. Why can’t our people negotiate a deal with the airlines without Barbados? Even though we have an international airport we are still dependent on Barbados what a f**king joke. Blind [Cecil] and Ralph are huge idiots. Our people deserve better.