Australia floods: Thousands to be evacuated as downpours worsen

Thousands of Australians are set to be evacuated from their homes as severe flooding in the Sydney area worsens.

Days of torrential downpours across large areas of New South Wales state have caused rivers and dams to overflow, damaging homes.

The state’s premier said the weather system that has caused the worst floods in decades was not going away and people should take it seriously.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has offered funds for those forced to flee.

Forecasters predict that the Hawkesbury river, north-west of Sydney, will reach its highest level since a devastating flood in 1961 on Monday.

And the Warragamba Dam, Sydney’s main water source, has been overflowing for the first time in years.

Shocked neighbours filmed the uprooted three-bedroom cottage bobbing along the Manning river after it burst its banks following heavy rain.


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