Hiring a DUI Lawyer? Top 6 Tips

To help you win your case, make use of the below points. They’re the ultimate tips that would help you find the best DUI lawyer.

Is He A Public Defender?

Legal representation can be expensive, which is why you’ll be given a lawyer if you can’t afford one. You have to decide if working with a public defender would be worth it or not. They wouldn’t be as experienced as a personal lawyer. But more importantly, they would be juggling several other cases – their attention would be divided.

Don’t Represent Yourself

Everyone has the right to represent themselves. Just because you can do this it doesn’t mean that you should. You would never be able to do as good of a job as a professional. Remember that trials for drunk driving can take a while. If you’re representing yourself, you’ll have to deal with double the work.

Be Honest

When a police officer suspects that you’ve been drunk driving, he’d make you take a blood alcohol test. In most states and countries, levels above 0.08% would mean that you’re drunk. It’d be very hard to disapprove this in court, so it’s important that you be willing to tell your solicitor everything. He’d come up with the best plan to help the situation. You might end up making a DUI plea bargain.

You can be more open if the lawyer you’re working with is friendly. Find a Toronto DUI lawyer you can trust to help you out if you live in the city.

Make Use of Consultations

DUI lawyers offer free consultations. You should make use of them, as you’d be able to know who’s most worth your time. Whenever you meet at a consultation, you’d see what each solicitor would think of your case too. You can collect this information and decide the best means of action too.

Come in With Questions

Speaking of the consultations, you should use it as an opportunity to learn more about the representative. Ask him about the number of drunk driving cases he has worked, and the percentage of them that he has won.

Make sure that you get information on how long he’s been in the game. But more important, whether he has access to experts that would help you win.

The Firm Size

How big of a firm does he work in? The larger its size, the more solicitors and barristers there would be. He would get as much aid to help with your case as possible. And if the firm is large, is it reliable? How else did it grow to this size? You can sleep better at night knowing you are working with the best.

DUI charges are pretty serious. You could have your license suspended and be put under house arrest. That’s why you need to have a good lawyer representing you – don’t think about representing yourself. You could work with a public defender. However, he might not be as experienced as paid counterparts.

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