“Preachers Must Lead And Tell Citizens To Take The Vaccine”

Prime Minister Dr Hon. Ralph Gonsalves has called on prominent figures in SVG such as church and political figures to do more than just say that they’ve taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Prime Minister wants these high profile individuals to urge the public to get vaccinated.

“Saturday morning I read where the Bishop of the Anglican Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, not only took the vaccine but urged his congregation and all Jamaicans, urged them strongly to take the vaccine”.

In the medical profession in Jamaica; individual doctors have issued strong urgings for people to take the vaccine, the medical association in Jamaica has done that, the same thing has happened in Barbados, Gonsalves said.

“I’m urging for that to be done here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

“The churches must be more upfront, not just individual pastors saying “I take it”.

“The same thing with political leaders; not just to say “You know I’ve taken the vaccine, there are some who may say “I’ve taken the vaccine but it’s your individual choice, get all the information and weigh your personal decision”.

Well, that’s only halfway, you’re a leader. You have to urge, you have to lead and say take the vaccine, Gonsalves stated.

As of the Ministry of Health’s most recent COVID-19 update dashboard, 8,247 persons have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in SVG.

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Comments (2)

  1. NO, NO, NO!
    I am reading this article and I say NO to the suggestion that simply because Jamaica and Cayman Islands Church officials urged their congregations to take the vaccine, our local clergy should follow suit.
    There are medical professionals who need to speak on this matter here in SVG. There must come a question as to the minds of every Vincentian with regards to these statements reportedly by our Honourable Prime Minister! Why should you PM urge our clergy to encourage people like me to take the vaccine since I, like many others are NOT convinced that this is the best option at this time?
    I refer to the reports published by some governments on the adverse reactions to the same/similar vaccines that are currently administered in the individual countries.
    See also weekly reports by the British Government. NO PM. I disagree completely with you on this issue.
    NO one is to force another against their will to take this vaccine nor suggest that some sort of subtle pressure is to be put on them by influential leaders as was suggested, has to be wrong.
    May I say that we need to have an honest and open discussion about where our country is headed within the context of a post COVID environment.
    I say to my fellow Vincentians that they should not be afraid to speak up. Please, don’t just speak with me but speak up. Let your voices be heard. This is also your right to speak about what hurts and about your fears. Speak out against what seems to be draconian measures, speak up on matters that concern you and your fellow citizens. As a Christian, you ought to ask yourself, “who is my neighbour?”. Let the Prime Minister and his ministers of this country know how you honestly feel about this matter.
    Finally, my fellow Vincentians, our friends and neighbours, let us also pray about this matter.
    We would also remember that everyone, yes everyone still have the ability to choose for himself and to make a decision without being coerce to do so.
    Should any Prime Minister (a political leader) dictate or suggest to a church (a non partisan political organisation) what to do especially in light of this sensitive and life changing personal matter? This is the million dollar question.
    Get the conversation going please, about how we deal with our lives post covid and without vaccinations and the long term view of a new Caribbean civilisation. May God help us all.

  2. Why do you want the leaders of the church’s to push their members to take this vaccine? Did GOD told you to say such things to His people?
    Why you and others want people to take something that they don’t want too? Stop it and let people hear from GOD themselves. Stop it and seek GOD.
    How when election time you don’t tell the church leaders to get there people sign up for all the goodies that is giving out?