Nina Maloney Contribution To Culture Spanned Several Decades

(CDC PRESS RELEASE) – The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is deeply saddened by the passing of Ms. Nina Maloney whose personal contribution to the Carnival culture spanned several decades.

Maloney’s involvement in Vincy Mas began in the later years when the festival was organized by Saint Vincent Jaycees and she served on the Carnival Queen Show Committee.

Following the formation of a Carnival Development Committee (CDC) in 1972 Nina served as a member in several capacities for many years. In 1999 she retired from active involvement as a Carnival organizer.

Nevertheless, Ms. Maloney continued to demonstrate an active interest in the Carnival culture and the continued development of Vincy Mas giving of her experiences and expertise to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and its components over the past few years.


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