Ayanna Lewis-Bowens Called To The Bar

My Amazing Journey – And The People Who Made It Possible.

The journey to get here has not been easy. There have been many obstacles, many setbacks, many trials but I stand here today stronger, wiser, faith intact, and with an abundance of gratitude.

I thought I could do life on my own; however, attending Law school quickly dismantled that notion.

You see I needed emotional support, I needed financial support, I needed spiritual support, and everything that I needed I received and for that I am grateful.

Grateful for my amazing mother, Brigette Bowens, for all the sacrifices she made to ensure my siblings and I had everything we needed, and although sometimes she could not provide the things we wanted we lacked nothing.

We were raised on love and the silent understanding that we are to make do with what we have until we can have what we want. The foundation she laid built the woman you see before you today.

I am grateful for daddy, Andre Lewis, for doing his best, for stepping up, for being a dad when he could have chosen not to. I am grateful for his many lectures on every decision, and for always saying what’s on his mind. For trying to ensure that we were taken care of even when he wasn’t physically present.

Grateful for my siblings for being there whenever I needed to vent, for listening to me go on and on about whatever it is I am going through, for loving me despite my less than favourable ways, and for going above and beyond whenever I need them to.

To my friends, Emanuel Quashie, Shanika Bonadie, Magarn Stowe, thank you for choosing to be everything that term represents, and for continually choosing to be apart of my life.

Antonio Smith thank you for seeing greatness in me before I even saw it in myself, thank you for being there for me every step of the way you are more like family and I appreciate you.

Guy Lowe, thank you for the tremendous amount of support you have given me.

Maia Eustace, Bernadine Nanton-Cooke, you are brilliant, strong, amazing women and I am honoured to have had you speak on my behalf.

Finally, I would like to say that Queens Counsel, Mr. Bertram Commissiong is greatly missed. I met Mr. Commissiong when I interned at the office of Cato and Cato. Upon meeting him we immediately connected on several issues, even in disagreement.

We spoke of many things, and I am grateful for the time I had, for the advice received, for the way he treated me as if I was his peer.

He unknowingly invited me to tap into my potential and welcomed me with open arms to the legal fraternity as if it is indeed where I am meant to be.

In such a short space of time and somewhere in those conversations I made a friend. Travel well sir, your memory will forever live on.

Lewis-Bowens was called to the bar last week Thursday before Justice Nicole Byer, Maia Eustace moved the call and Bernadine Nanton-Cooke seconded the call.

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