Argument over stimulus check leads to quadruple murder in Indiana

(WISH/CNN) — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police made an arrest Sunday night in the murder of four family members and the shooting of a fifth. The survivor of the shooting said it was all due to a dispute over a stimulus check.

Neighbor Craig Jackson was waiting on a food delivery late Saturday night when he heard a knock on his door.

“I was sitting right here in my chair; I hear a loud bang on the door. ‘Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam’,” Jackson said. He said he heard a woman on the other side of the door asking for help because she had been shot.

Family members said it was Jeanettrius Moore. She was one of the five people shot inside an Indianapolis home. Police said Anthony Johnson, DeQuan Moore, Eve Moore, and Tomeeka Brown were later found dead.

She told Jackson that she had been shot by Malik Halfacre.

“She said her baby daddy shot her, her mother, and the kids. She said she was the only person who got away,” Jackson explained. While they waited for help to arrive, the neighbor tried to keep Moore conscious by talking to her. Jackson said he asked her why she was shot and “her exact words were ‘stimulus money.'” He was in disbelief that Halfacre would kill four people and wound another over a stimulus check.

“Her exact words were, ‘I am the only one who got away. He killed the rest of them.’ Those were her exact words,” Jackson said.

Moore was frantic and believed Halfacre was chasing her. Jackson said a pick up truck drove around the block slowly three times while they were waiting but he couldn’t see who was inside.

Jeanettrius Moore was released from the hospital Monday, according to her family. Halfacre was taken into custody Sunday evening after a stand-off with police. He’s expected to face charges for murder, robbery and attempted murder. Halfacre is also accused of kidnapping his six-month old baby, that was not harmed.

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