Dominican Minister condemned for telling students shake their pampalam

Dominica’s Education Minister is under fire for what has been categorised as inappropriate statements made during a recent meeting, with students.

On Wednesday, March 10, Minister Octavia Alfred met with students in Marigot to discuss the scholarship application system and other educational opportunities that are available to them.

During the meeting, she is believed to have said: “Everybody looking as if is a scholarship they have. But if your letter says you going on a two-year program…the letter says the government will cover your tuition and your household and living expenses for one year you have to shake up your pampalam and look for year two.”

The UWP has since written to the Minister expressing concern over the statements made.

The opposition party said in a statement that the minister’s words:  “has been widely understood to mean that they must use their private parts in sexual encounters to secure additional money for tuition, housing and living expenses that government is unwilling or unable to provide.”

The United Workers Party said it condemns “this outrageous insult to the children of Dominica in particular and to the people of Dominica in general.”

The UWP further described the ministers’ words and behaviour at the meeting as “disgraceful, reprehensible, absolutely intolerable and totally unbecoming of a Member of Parliament and Minister of Government.”

The executive of the UWP said the only honourable course of action is for Minister Alfred to resign with immediate effect.

The Minister was further accused of causing “much hurt and pain” and humiliation to the young people who were present at the meeting.

Minister Alfred is yet to respond to the allegations levied against her.


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