About Time! Full Endorsement For Gov’ts Move On Public Transport System

Dear Editor

Re: State-Run Public Transport System For St Vincent

I am happy to be alive at a time when the government has finally decided in taking steps to ensure commuters are not held to ransom by the whims of private bus operators.

I think with the proper structure it can work. There needs to be structured scheduling for one.

Commuters need to know that transportation is available when they need it and not be travelling by luck and chance.

 In addition, it improves productivity, a country must be moving….a man should be able to travel to all corners of this little 11 x 14 island without effort.

If I feel like lunch at Ferdie’s I should know that I could go easy and come back easily, or if I want to spend a day at a spot on the Leeward side, I shouldn’t have to question whether or not I can go at any time.

I support this move, in particular the absence of bus conductors. They are obsolete and their attitudes have contributed to this fact.

 A commuter just requires to be transported from point A to point B. I am in full support of a bus card system, weekly or monthly.

I am also in full support of a synchronized system that allows for GPS monitoring so commuters can know exactly where the next available bus is and its ETA.

Mobile phone apps can aid in this regard, so I can know that the No. 23 bus to Campden Park is 10 minutes away when I need to travel to the Port to clear a barrel or to Pembroke to do a business transaction.

I fully endorsed this move by the Government.

Regular Commuter

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Comments (2)

  1. 2nd that. Good move by Gonsalves; I hope he ain’t just talking or just gearing up for next election.

  2. Government’s record with Air and Sea transport is dismal. Their only role in Land transport should be to provide a good road network. With a conducive economic climate, the Private Sector would provide the service without corruption, cost-overrun and waste. The removal of hindrances to competition would lead to efficiency.