De Blasio Tells Adventist Church Members In Jamaica To Take The Vaccine

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Much criticism has come following an online service held by the West Jamaica Conference on Saturday 6th March.

Many church members say that leaders allowed New York’s Mayor Bill De Blasio to desecrate the Sabbath service.

De Blasio used his time during the online service to persuade church members to take the COVID-19 vaccine and urged church leaders to push for such, saying, some of the most vital voices in this time are that of the clergy.

The New York Mayor told congregants that the world is going through a crisis, but that does stop anyone; in fact, it draws out our strength, the Mayor said.

He told Seventh Day Adventist members this is the time to take faith, and put it into action.

“I have gotten to know over the years the joy the SDA church have in educating the community and with a special focus on health care”.

 De Blasio said that these two strands, Education and Health, must be put together to ensure that people are healthy.

“Educate about how we end this virus (COVID-19), and health through testing and vaccination”.

The Mayor stated that if everyone listening to him knows it is the right thing to do. Spread the word.

“If you have questions, concerns, ask them, you have every right to,” De Blasio said.

“I know the community and am calling on you. If you can get vaccinated, please do, and remember to get tested because this is how we protect each other, and this is how we move forward”.

The New York mayor stated that the questions and concerns are 110 percent valid, but it should not stop us from protecting each other.

“And so everyone as you gather today on the sabbath, I want to say thank you for the love, for everything you do in communities here in New York and Jamaica”. 

Quoting from Corinthians 4: 17-18, the New York Mayor said like everything else. “This too shall pass”.

“This moment will pass, there is something better ahead, we say in New York City, we don’t want to return to the era before the pandemic, we learnt a lot, so it says we have to transform”.

De Blasio said you could tell when you are in the trans-formative point of history.

“This is one of those moments, where all things are possible, he told SDA’s during the online Saturday service”.

The New York Mayor left SDA’s with one of the most compelling quotes every Seventh Day Adventist loves to here, “Happy Sabbath Everyone”.

Seventh-Day Adventist across North America have been livid about the churches role through the ongoing pandemic. 

The majority question why leaders allow worship houses to be used as vaccinations centres, especially on the Lord’s Sabbath.

From California to Grenada, members have been voicing their concerns that the church is straying, with leaders advocating a vaccine rush while remaining silent on the churches health Message.

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